Online clinical management

About Us


Inusion is the company operating the PodoRed application. We are a young company dedicated to the Internet software development. Our goal is to provide our customers the highest quality at the lowest cost.

Our approach in developing PodoRed has been to create a very complete and modular application. When saying complete, we are speaking in the sense of offering our customers an integrated application with all the tools they need to manage their clinic. A modular program can be continually updated and improved, as well as adding new modules with some additional functionality.

Our experience


From the very beginning, our experience in developing products for being used on the Internet was heavily influenced by the design and operation of weblog sites. So we wanted to provide PodoRed with a complete information service that allows podiatry professionals be aware of every development in their specialty.

Other Internet developments have helped us to understand that programs are made for users and that's why PodoRed has been designed by and for podiatrists. The podiatry professionals have shown us their needs and concerns and thanks to these prerequisites PodoRed has been developed.